Simone Lenzu

Department of Economics, University of Chicago

My primary research interests lie in the areas of Corporate Finance, Public Economics, Applied Macroeconomics, and Industrial Organization. In particular, I am interested in understanding how firms’ investment, employment, and financial policies are affected by market failures and by the institutional and regulatory environment in which firms operate. Following a bottom-up approach, my goals is to study the micro-economic underpinning of such phenomena in order to better understand, and ultimately assess, their macro-economic implications for the real economy. From a methodological perspective, my research studies the interconnection between firm’s assets and liabilities. It brings together the insights of production theory, developed by the Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics literature, and the theory and empirical methods of the Corporate Finance literature. From an empirical perspective, I like to combine cutting-edge econometric techniques – both structural and quasi-experimental – with novel, high-quality micro-data.

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