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Stevanovich Center Conferences

The Stevanovich Center Presents: Market Microstructure & High Frequency Data 2017 Conference Details


Mr. David Wheelock presenting at the workshop sponsored by the Stevanovich Center & the Federal Reserve Bank - Chicago. Mr. Wheelock is the Vice President and Deputy Director of Research at the Fed Bank in St Louis.

Stevanovich Fellowship 2016 Seminar

Professor Joisten introducing 2016 Stevanovich Fellowship Award recipient Yunzhi Hu (Department of Economics and Booth School of Business). Recovery Dynamics: An Explanation from Bank Screening & Entrepreneur Entry.

Stevanovich Fellowship 2016 Seminar

2016 Stevanovich Fellowship Award Recipient Paymon Khorrami (Department of Economics, University of Chicago) presenting "Trends in Productive Technology, Intermediation, and Inequality."

About the Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics

The Stevanovich Center advances the understanding of the increasingly complex world of financial markets by integrating mathematics, statistics, and economics. The Center brings together leading academic researchers and financial professionals whose insights from daily experience in the markets can help translate theory into improved practice. This interaction leads to more sophisticated tools to address challenges that range from analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting massive data sets, to building more accurate, tractable, and robust models to measure, price, and hedge risk.

The Center has researchers from the University of Chicago and around the world (People), ranging from senior faculty to Ph.D. students. Both faculty and students are spread around the departments of the university, and the Center is a meeting place for interaction, and for Seminars and Conferences. Our newly refurbished building provides physical space where University of Chicago researchers as well as visitors from academia and the marketplace work, meet, discuss, share and debate ideas that advance our understanding of the mathematical basis of financial markets.

The main focus of the Center is quantitative finance, ranging from mathematical finance via financial econometrics to asset pricing.