The Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics is part of the Physical Sciences Division at The University of Chicago. Its Board of Governors includes Faculty from the Social Sciences Division and Faculty from other Universities, reflecting its interdisciplinary and universal ambition.

Current Director

Per Mykland is the Scientific Director of the Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics since 2015.

Per Mykland is the Robert M. Hutchins Distinguished Professor of Statistics and Finance at the University of Chicago. He is an Associate Member of the Oxford-Man Institute at the University of Oxford. He has held appointments at Oxford and Princeton.

Board of Governors

Kevin Corlette

Professor and Chairman, Department of Mathematics
The University of Chicago

Lars Peter Hansen

David Rockefeller Distinguished Service Professor in Economics, Statistics and the College
The University of Chicago

Pierre-Louis Lions

Professor, Collège de France
Professor, École Polytechnique

Per Mykland

Director, Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics
Robert Maynard Hutchins Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Statistics
The University of Chicago

Jose Scheinkman

Theodore A Wells ’29 Professor, Department of Economics
Princeton University

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