New Aspects of Statistics, Financial Econometrics, and Data Science, May 10-12, 2018, Chicago

Current developments in Data Science create new challenges. They call for new interdisciplinary research combining statistics, econometrics, mathematics, computer science, and biology. This conference brings together leading researchers from these various fields. They will offer new viewpoints, and address the opportunities and challenges of 21st century Data Science.


Yoav Benjamini, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Florentina Bunea, Cornell University

Raymond Carroll, Texas A&M University

Francis DieboldUniversity of Pennsylvania

James Evans, University of Chicago

Jianqing FanPrinceton University

Richard Freeman, Harvard University

Jiashun Jin, Carnegie Mellon University

Yingying Li, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong

Xihong Lin, Harvard University

Regina Liu, Rutgers University

Boaz Nadler, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Kathryn RoederCarnegie Mellon University

Matthew Stephens, University of Chicago

Lan Zhang, University of illinois at Chicago

Hui Zou, University of Minnesota

Local event manager: Sylvie Bendier Decety,, 773.834.8563