Stevanovich Center Conferences

The Stevanovich Center announces a conference for 2017. Stevanovich Center Conference Page

Chinese banknote from the Ming Dynasty

Chinese banknote from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Hongwu Emperor (1368-1398). Value of 1 Guan. This is one of the oldest bank notes in the world.

Robert Engle speaking on volatility

Robert Engle speaking on volatility in joint seminar between the Stevanovich Center, UIC, and CME. Engle is Professor of Finance at New York. He was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2003.

Award Ceremony for Stevanovich Student Fellowships May 2011

From left to right: Gregory F. Lawler, Niels O. Nygaard, Roger W. Lee, Per Mykland, Kun Gao, Wei Biao Wu, Dan Christina Wang, John Heaton, Mark Hendricks, Valentin Haddad

Richard Thaler speaking on Nudge Theory

Richard Thaler speaking on Nudge Theory in joint seminar between the Stevanovich Center, the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

About the Center

The Stevanovich Center advances the understanding of the increasingly complex world of financial markets by integrating mathematics, statistics, and economics. The Center brings together leading academic researchers and financial professionals whose insights from daily experience in the markets can help translate theory into improved practice. This interaction will lead to more sophisticated tools to address challenges that range from analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting massive data sets, to building more accurate, tractable, and robust models to measure, price, and hedge risk.

The Center has researchers from the University of Chicago and around the world (People), ranging from senior faculty to Ph.D. students. Both faculty and students are spread around the departments of the university, and the Center is a meeting place for interaction, and for Seminars and Conferences. Our newly refurbished building provides physical space where University of Chicago researchers as well as visitors from academia and the marketplace work, meet, discuss, share and debate ideas that advance our understanding of the mathematical basis of financial markets.

The main focus of the Center is quantitative finance, ranging from mathematical finance via financial econometrics to asset pricing.

Recent news: We are delighted to announce the establishment of the Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge