Stevanovich Student Fellowships

The Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics announces the Stevanovich Student Fellowship in Quantitative Finance.  The 2016/17 fellowship is open to applicants who are Ph.D. students at the University of Chicago in Economics, Mathematics or Statistics and who work on novel techniques in Financial Econometrics/Statistics and/or Financial Mathematics, or mathematics or econometrics/statistics that could lead to applications to finance and economics.  The scholarship for this year ($5,000) is open to students who have proposed (or equivalent) by May 1st, 2017.  Applications should be sent by the student’s advisor to:

Funmi Dosunmu
The Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics
5727 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

and should be addressed to:

Board of Governors
Stevanovich Center for Financial Mathematics
The University of Chicago

Applications must be received by May 1st, 2017 and should include a letter from the advisor, along with a proposed citation and with any relevant supporting material.

Recipients of the fellowship should acknowledge support from the Center in the same way as is required of their grantees by the National Science Foundation.


Student Fellows

Kun Gao (2011)

Valentin Haddad (2011)

Mark Hendricks (2011)

Christina Dan Wang (2011)

Serhiy Kozak (2012)

Diogo Palhares (2012)

Rui Cui (2013)

Maryam Farboodi (2013)

Marcelo Alvisio (2014)

Katharine Turner (2014)

Peter Hansen (2015)

Aaron Pancost (2015)

Yoann Potiron (2015)

Fabrice Tourre (2015)

Ruming Wang (2015)

Yunzhi Hu (2016)

Paymon Khorrami (2016)


Student Fellows

From left to right: Gregory F. Lawler (Professor of Mathematics), Niels O. Nygaard (Professor of Mathematics and former Director of the Center), Roger W. Lee (Professor of Mathematics), Per Mykland (Professor of Statistics and Director of the Center), Kun Gao (Stevanovich Student Fellow), Wei Biao Wu (Professor of Statistics), Christina Dan Wang (Stevanovich Student Fellow), John Heaton (Professor of Finance), Mark Hendricks (Stevanovich Student Fellow), and Valentin Haddad (Stevanovich Student Fellow)


Maryan Farboodi with Dean Robert Fefferman


Rui Cui with Dean Robert Fefferman

Award Ceremony for Stevanovich Fellowships June 2013. Maryam Farboodi (top) and Rui Cui (bottom), the two student fellows, receiving the award from Dean Robert Fefferman.